We understand the headache and anxiety associated with the immigration process. We make the procedure very easy. Immigration physicals have been performed here for more than 30 years. No appointment is necessary. Please just walk in Monday thru Saturday.

What you’ll need:

1) A government issued photo identification (a passport is best but not necessary).

2) Copies of any/all vaccination records.

3) A list of your medicines if you are taking any.

4) A smile.

What we do:

1) We use computerized software to accurately and completely fill out the i693 form FOR YOU. Copies are kept in our computers in case you need additional copies emailed to you later.

2) We perform a blood test for syphilis (RPR) as required for anyone aged 15 or older. Results are returned from the lab within 24 hours.

3) We perform a urine test for gonorrhea as required for anyone aged 15 or older. Results are returned from the lab within 72 hours.

4) A clearance for tuberculosis is required within the previous 12 calendar months. We are able to perform the “TB” skin test. It is administered during your initial visit and once you return in 2 days (3 days maximum) it is read as positive or negative. A positive skin test means that you may have come into contact with someone who has tuberculosis. Further testing would be required and consist of a single chest x-ray. This can be arranged the same day without an appointment. Some countries administer the “BCG” or “TB” vaccines to their citizens. This sometimes result in a positive (false positive) TB skin test. The department of immigration requires the test be performed regardless of vaccination history. However any person with a history of allergic reactions to the TB skin test would not be required to take the TB skin test. They would be sent for a chest x-ray to screen for tuberculosis unless there were reasons to avoid x-rays (e.g. pregnancy)

5) We administer the vaccines required by the department of immigration which include:

a) Tetanus toxoid. A tetanus booster must be documented within the previous 10 years.

b) MMR. Measles (actually measles-mumps- rubella combination) vaccination must be documented. If none are documented then one is given in the clinic.

c) For persons 65 years and older the department of immigration requires immunization for pneumonia. We do not administer this vaccine but it can be given the same day at a vaccine clinic nearby.

d) Children’s vaccinations are performed for free if they are not up to date. The department of health sponsors the VFC (Vaccines For Children) program which supplies participating clinics with free vaccines for children under the age of 18.

Please bring in all children’s vaccination records. If you believe that your children are not up to date with their vaccines then you may make arrangements beforehand by calling the Waikiki Health Center at 808-922- 4787. They participate in the VFC program and have two offices (one is located in Waikiki six blocks from our clinic). We do not vaccinate persons under the age of 18.

e) During the flu season (Oct. 1 thru March 31) an influenza vaccination must be documented. If no flu documentation is available then we are able to vaccinate you.


It usually takes 3-4 business days for immigration physicals. This time frame is required in order to perform the newly required gonorrhea urine test.

Some people have all of their vaccinations performed beforehand as well as tests for tuberculosis, gonorrhea, and syphilis. In these cases the immigration physical is done the same day, paperwork finished, and the entire process finished in 1 day.